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Optical Beam Sensor (HW-E52F)  

Product features



Intelligence automatic heating-defrost system

Electrical heating glass window embedded inside the light screen, when the light screen has low penetrability because of the rain or snow, the electrical heating system operates automatically. so as to defrost the window.

Receiving beam strength detection

4 levels of beam strength are set up, it is convenient for field installation and maintenance.

Diagnosis function

Diagnostic LEDs provide a simple means of monitoring sensor performance.


Two discrete outputs (Detection output and alarm output, NPN/PNP optional) .

Shielding function

Can automatically detect the failures of the emitter or the receiver and pollution state of the lens, it can still work in the state of failures, at the mean time send out warning instructions and alarm outputs.




Optical axis number(beam); optical axis spacing; scanning length

52; 24mm; 1248mm

Effective detection length

3 ~ 18m

Minimum object sensitivity

40mm(straight scan)

Supply voltag *

Light screen:24v DC±20%; heating glass:15 ~ 30v DC

Supply current

Light screen:≤ 300mA;heating glass:≤ 6A 

Discrete outputs

Transistor PNP/NPN available,detection outputs and alarm outputs,150mA max.(30v DC)

Indicator light outputs

Working status light (red),  heating glass and power light (red/yellow, double colors), receiving beam strength light (red and yellow each)

Response time

≤ 8ms(straight scan)

Dimensions (length*width*height)

1361mm × 48mm × 45mm

Operating condition

Temperature:-40℃ ~ 85℃,maximum relative humidity:95%


Aluminum housing with black anodized finish; electric heating toughened glass windows

Environmental rating


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