W3 Loop Detector
W3Ultrasonic Radar Sensorr(Parking lot sensor)
      Ultrasonic Sensor
     Indicating Led Lights
W2Microwave Sensor
Microwave SensorDoor Safety Beam Sensor
(Infrared Photoelectric)
      HW-100ABE (50M Up)
Microwave Sensor Infrared scanning vehicles separator(Optical beam sensor)
Microwave SensorDoor Switches
      Hand Sensor Switch
 Wireless Remote Control Switch
  Push Button Switches
W1 Automatic barriers
    Barrier Gate
Microwave SensorGSM Remote Door Opener
DC303/ DC303U DC304/ DC304U DC303 inside view
DC310 DC315 DC304 inside view

Automatic barriers
The automatic barrier series are used for parking lots, toll gates, goods yards, railway crossings, commercial premises, apartment block access and other applications. The barrier is composed of driver, electric system, arm and bracket. It has protections of current leakage and electromechanical limit. The angle of barrier may be adjusted from 75 to 90 The control system is fitted with wiring terminals for ticket dispenser, remote controller, IC card and alarm lamp. In case of power failure, the barrier is supplied with an emergency release, which allows manual operation easily.

Advanced Features
Self-locking electromechanical gear motors
Built-in control panel
Adjustable balancing system
Base plate and brackets for floor installation
Auto-stop function if it hits obstruction
Folding arm is available for lower roof
Built-in release system in case of power failure
Connections for ticket dispenser, photocells, loop detector, IC card, alarm lamp and remote controller.

Technical Specifications
Models DC310 DC315 DC303 DC303U DC304 DC304U
Power supply 220V, 50Hz 220V,   50Hz 220V, 50Hz 110V, 60Hz 220V, 50Hz 110V,  60Hz
Motor speed 960rpm 960rpm 1250rpm 1500rpm 1250rpm 1500rpm
Motor power 150W 150W 250W 180W 150W 120W
Opening time 1sec 1.5sec 7sec 5.5sec 1.8 ∽ 2.5sec 1.8sec
Arm length 3m 3m 5-6m 5-6m 2.5-3m 2.5-3m
Measurement 376 * 376 * 1100mm 376 * 376 * 1100mm 367*296*1030mm
Working temperature -25C to 70C
Duty cycle 50%
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