W3 Loop Detector
W3Ultrasonic Radar Sensorr(Parking lot sensor)
      Ultrasonic Sensor
     Indicating Led Lights
W2Microwave Sensor
Microwave SensorDoor Safety Beam Sensor
(Infrared Photoelectric)
      HW-100ABE (50M Up)
Microwave Sensor Infrared scanning vehicles separator(Optical beam sensor)
Microwave SensorDoor Switches
      Hand Sensor Switch
 Wireless Remote Control Switch
  Push Button Switches
W1 Automatic barriers
    Barrier Gate
Microwave SensorGSM Remote Door Opener

Parking Guidance System

Indicating Led Lights

Model: D80


Product specification:

  1. Brand:ZOM
  2. Type:D80
  3. Input Voltage:DC10.5-24V
  4. Electric fluid:Red lamp 38mA, Green lamp 38mA
  5. The all product use USA’s CREE Brand LEDS
  6. The LED light (red or green) will be on according to the connection and input voltage
  7. Visible distance: >200M
  8. There are two separate sets of LED lights, red and green(or Blue or Yellow etc)
  9. The characteristics of the LED lights are: pure color, multiple style long life-time, etc
  10. The life time of LED light is over 5 year
Install easily with screwer


Application With Ultrasonic Radar Sensor In PGS

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