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LD160 1-Channel Vehicle Loop Detector
Installation and Diagnoses:

•  1 . Power Supply:220VAC/110VAC/12VDC
•  2 . Current: 50mA
•  3 . Detect time: <15ms
•  Sensitivity: Sixteen levels(SW1set)
•  Output: Relay A and B, relay capacity is 220VAC/3A, 110VAC/3A, 24VDC/10A
•  Option: Refer to SW2
•  Indicator: One red LED indicator for power and one green LED indicator for channel detection
•  Dimension: L76W42H74mm
•  Weight: 300g
•  Connector: PF113A
•  Frequency: 20-80KHz +
•  Operation: Temperature -40~85 ℃
                        Humidity 5%~95%
•  Storage: Temperature -55~125 ℃
                    Humidity 5%~95%

Connectors: Please refer to the input power, loop connectors and output connectors
Pin 161 162 163
1 110 VAC, LINE 230 VAV, LINE 12VADC+
3 N.O. of Relay B N.O. of Relay B
4 Ground COM. of Relay B
5 COM. of Relay A COM. of Relay A
6 N.O. of Relay A N.O. of Relay A
7 Loop Loop
8 Loop Loop
9 COM. of Relay B Ground
10 N.C. of Relay A N.C. of Relay A
11 N.C. of Relay B N.C. of Relay B
Operation Panel and Switches:

• 1. PO WER: Red LED Indicator. If it is in full lit, power is supplied.

• 2. DETECT: Green LED Indicator. If it is in full lit, a vehicle is detected. If it is blink, the loop is wrong.
• 3.SW1(SENSITIVITY): Sensitivity Selection. Used to select the sensitivity, select from0 to 9,A~F, 0 means the lowest sensitivity and F means the highest sensitivity.
Sensitivity(-ΔL/L 100)    单位: %
Pos. 0 2.56 Pos. 4 0.48 Pos. 8 0.12 Pos. C 0.030
Pos. 1 1.28 Pos. 5 0.32 Pos. 9 0.08 Pos. D 0.020
Pos. 2 0.96 Pos. 6 0.24 Pos. A 0.06 Pos. E 0.015
Pos. 3 0.64 Pos. 7 0.16 Pos. B 0.04 Pos. F 0.010
(1). DIP 1 & DIP 2: Special Functions
DIP 1 □■ ON Output has 2 seconds delay. (no relay output if the vehicle speed is over 8km/h)
DIP 2 □■ ON Increase sensitivity to avoid unwilling relay OFF for leaving vehicle especially for trailer
(2). DIP 3 & DIP 4: Relay B output types
DIP NO. DIP 3 DIP 4 Relay B Output Type Vehicle Present
DIP MODE OFF ■□ OFF ■□ When vehicle going into, Relay B is in pulse output for 200ms. Relay B Output
DIP MODE □■ ON OFF ■□ When vehicle left loop. Relay B will delay 200ms and give a pulse output for 600ms. Relay B Output
DIP MODE OFF ■□ □■ ON Relay B will be present output. No reaction on DIP3. Relay B Output
DIP MODE □■ ON □■ ON When loop is in fault, Relay B will be ON and will be OFF after fault is solved
(3). DIP 5: Automatic Reset
DIP NO. DIP 5 Present Mode
DIP MODE □■ ON Vehicle can be permanent present. (no auto-reset, unless vehicle left or manual reset
DIP MODE OFF ■□ Normal mode. (automatic reset after 10 minutes present of vehicle, used to solve the mistake operation. It is recommended)
(4). DIP 6 & DIP 7 & DIP 8: Relay A Delay
DIP NO. DIP 6 DIP 7 DIP 8 Delay Vehicle Present

Relay A output

DIP MODE □■ ON OFF ■□ OFF ■□ 2 S Relay A output
DIP MODE OFF ■□ □■ ON OFF ■□ 5 S Relay A output
DIP MODE □■ ON □■ ON OFF ■□ 8 S Relay A output
DIP MODE OFF ■□ OFF ■□ □■ ON 10 S Relay A output
DIP MODE □■ ON OFF ■□ □■ ON 15 S Relay A output
DIP MODE OFF ■□ □■ ON □■ ON 20 S Relay A output
DIP MODE □■ ON □■ ON □■ ON 30 S Relay A output
(5). DIP 9 & DIP 10: Frequency (30K~100KHZ). Used to avoid the interference
DIP NO. DIP 9 DIP 10 Frequency
DIP MODE OFF ■□ OFF ■□ High(Hi)
DIP MODE □■ ON OFF ■□ Medium-High(Med-Hi)
DIP MODE OFF ■□ □■ ON Medium-Low(Med-Low)
DIP MODE □■ ON □■ ON Low(Low)
In the application of many loops which are nearby, the frequency may require be changed to avoid interference.
• 5.RESET Button: Press the RESET button will reset the detector. Reset is normally used after any DIP change and installation.
Installation and Diagnoses:
• 1.   Please refer the upside diagrams for loop size and installation.
• 2. We recommend to use 0.75mm2 multi-core copper wire. The total wire length include feeder can be up to 500m.
• 3. The loop should be rectangular and avoid any right angle. The recommended length is from 1.0m-2.0m, the recommended width is from 0.8m-1.2m.
• 4.The perimeter and turns:
Perimeter No. of Turns
3 - 4 m 6
4 - 6 M 5
6 - 10 m 4
10 - 20 m 3
20 m - up 2
• 5.The feeder must be twisted once per 15mm.
• 6.More turns, lower frequency. Less turns, higher frequency.
• 7.Place the loop away from the moving metal.
• 8.Any vehicle can be detected, when the speed is less than 160km/h
• 9.Relay capacity, 220VAC/3A, 110VAC/3A, 24VDC/10A.
• 10.If the detector is not working, please check as following
       a、 Press RESET.
       b、 If red LED indicator is not in full lit, please check power supplier.
       c、 If green LED indicator blink, it may be: loop is short cut or no. of turns is not enough(blink slowly); Loop is open or no. of turns is too many(blink fast).
       d、 No. of turns is not enough: change the frequency to lower. If frequency is still too high, you must add more turns.
       e、 No. of turns is too many: change the frequency to higher. If frequency is still too low, you must leave some turns.
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